Author: Sam Mauro '16

What to “watch” out for

February 18, 2015

Broad City isn’t the Only Good Show on TV: 3 Notable Midseason TV Pilots Mid-season premieres are usually a dumping ground for new television. While everyone is distracted by the season premieres of Parks and Rec, Girls, or It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia, and other shows coming back from midseason hiatus, networks tend to shove their […]

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Junior Project Blog: Learning in Germany

February 8, 2015

I am spending my Junior Project at Europa Gymnasium, but don’t expect me to come back with any extra muscles. Gymnasium is a type of German college-preparatory school, but across the street from Europa Gymnasium lies the combined Realschule and Hauptschule, which are the slower paced high school and the vocational high school, respectively. The […]

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Junior Project Blog: Nigel Law ’16 ventures to Maine

February 3, 2015

Simply put, this week has been one of exploration, of experimentation, and of excitement, often all at once. For those who have yet to begin the undertaking of the Junior Project, know that it is a month to look forward to. I should explain, first, that my project is dichotomous, in that it has goals […]

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Mistake brownies shine at Coffeehouse

December 18, 2014

Coffeehouse is one of the most anticipated events at GFS, and has recently been a well-attended event. The inclusive and forgiving atmosphere of Coffeehouse makes it a safe space to experiment and make mistakes. These brownies are a mistake from Coffeehouse. I was making a batch of brownies for the event (the bake sale at […]

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Blog: Hanssen and Kushner Join Teachers on Trip to China

September 28, 2014

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Promposals ignite debate

May 30, 2014

When you see Josh Valentine calling to Greta Meyer on the Alumni balcony, bearing a prom sign, you know it’s the beginning of prom season. “Promposals” consume the high school’s  attention as they march across the screen in assembly and are shouted on Coulter Street. With every ask comes the impending objection from those who […]

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