Author: Charlie Dolgenos '16 and Elias Rappaport '16

The NFL: Do Suspensions Fit the Crime?

October 27, 2015

Since the turn of the century, 805 players have been arrested in the National Football League. But in September, for the first time since July of 2009, the NFL went one full month without any players getting arrested. This is not indicative of some upward trend; rather, it is a testament to how poorly informed […]

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Athletics Department Kicks Off Leadership Training Series

October 26, 2015

GFS sports captains gathered at the Germantown Cricket Club for a leadership luncheon with Dr. Mario Moussa, for the first of 10 scheduled leadership meetings throughout the school year. The initiative was headed by Katie Bergstrom Mark, Director of Athletics. During this first session on September 3rd, students spoke with Dr. Moussa, parent of Ella and Bix […]

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Opinion: Gun Control in America

June 10, 2015

Kansans aged 21 or older will be permitted to carry concealed guns starting July 1 when the law takes effect, even if they’re not trained or don’t have a permit. April 2, 2015, TIME.COM (Senate Bill 45)  ——– In the midst of turmoil and violence dividing the United States over issues of police brutality and […]

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Opinion: “Famous Jameis” Winston, Rape, and the NFL Draft

May 13, 2015

Jameis Winston, from a casual sports fan’s perspective, is the guy who is about to be a top pick in the upcoming NFL Draft. He played quarterback at Florida State, won the Heisman Trophy (the award for best player in college football), lead the Seminoles to the College Football Playoff this year, and is seemingly […]

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Mayoral Primary Preview: Candidate by Candidate

May 11, 2015

After 2007’s dramatic mayoral race that saw a young city councilman overtake two experienced congressmen and a billionaire to receive the nomination, 2015’s race is shaping up to be, well, less dramatic. Six candidates are competing to receive the Democratic nomination in the all-but-ceremonial November election. Among them are two lifelong political heavyweights in Anthony […]

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