Das Racist’s set comes up short

All the way from Brooklyn, the rap group Das Racist came to Philadelphia to perform in their October 8 concert.

The rap trio played at Union Transfer in Northern Liberties, along with four opening acts. The first to perform was Weekend Money, a duo whose rapper is from North Philadelphia. The pair performed several catchy tunes, and got the audience involved, shouting “weekend”, and getting “money” back as a response. “They were a good pump up,” said Isaac Zukin ’15. Weekend Money performed with energy that got the crowd excited too, jumping around the stage and dancing. The next performer, Safe, was a duet made up of a guitarist and a singer. The contrast between Weekend Money’s loud, catchy beats and the soft, spacey sounding songs of Safe was stark. At the beginning of their performance, Safe’s vocalist acknowledged this mood change, saying “we’re only gonna play really sad songs now.” Although the music was enjoyable, it did not fit the mood of the crowd and the rest of the show. “It was like the calm before the storm.” Said Zoe Albano-Oritt ’15, who is a self-identified avid rap listener.

The storm that Zoe referred to was a rapper named Lakutis, who performed next. Lakutis came on stage with confidence, and as the beat dropped for his first song, he began nodding his head so hard that his hat fell off. “Lakutis has swag,” said Elias Bartholomew ’13, “I’m realizing that now.” Lakutis performed several songs from his I’m In the Forest EP, including “Death Shark”, a catchy song with a driving beat and jungle sound effects. “I can’t stop saying ‘I’m a death shark, I’m a blood eagle,’” said Isaac Zukin ’15 of the song’s chorus. Isaac liked Lakutis so much that he went home and downloaded some of the rapper’s music, and said that he was “in love with Lakutis.”

After Lakutis finished his set, Le1f performed. This rapper spit sassy verses, all of which were accompanied by dance moves. For some, these moves were the highlight of the show. “I really liked his twerking style,” said Ava Schwemler ’15. Once Le1f finished his dancing, Das Racist took the stage. The three rappers came on with energy and excitement, joking and laughing with the audience. Although Das Racist performed some of their most loved songs, including “Rainbow in the Dark”, and “Michael Jackson”, the set was disappointingly short, only about 45 minutes long. Isaac, who is a long time listener of Das Racist, said “Le1f’s set was longer than Das Racist’s. I thought that was weird. It was too short.” Despite the trio’s short performance the concert was not a complete disappointment. “They’re bad and lazy,” said Elias, “but I think that’s what I like about them.”