Junior shines at local craft show

Walking into The Waldorf School a few weeks ago was like braving the mall on Black Friday. Everyone was running around and cleaning in preparation for the big Annual Holiday Craft Show.

As I set up my jewelry, I felt a rush of excitement, curious to see how new customers would react to my new collection. The two-day event was filled with excited children and parents getting ready for the holidays, and shopping for their loved ones.

Camilla Limon line includes a variety of bijoux. Credit: Camilla Barcan

Camilla Limon was started unofficially when I was around eight years old, and began playing with jewelry and making my own. The name comes from the colors that I used in my jewelry when I was younger, as limon in Spanish means “lime.” My mom has her own childrens clothing company, Renattoni, and when I was young, she allowed me to put a table next to hers. Once I got enough money, I decided that it would be a good idea to make a name for myself, so I launched an Etsy shop and began to participate at more craft shows.

Loretta Borko, a vendor at the Waldorf School’s craft show, has participated in the show for the last five years. She makes tree ornaments inspired by her nine year old daughter, under the name “Art and Craft.” Borko said that she loved making her ornaments, and that she urges young people to support local artists and to participate in craft shows.

One Waldorf alumna said of the show, “It is really nice to come back to visit the Waldorf community and see all of your old friends, and shop while catching up with them after being apart during the school year.”

Overall, the craft show was a wonderful, kid-friendly event. It was exciting to see girls showing off their Camilla Limon cupcake earrings as they explored the other shops.

Check out Camilla’s jewelry here!