Jesse Overholser: Obama campaign at full throttle as Election Day approaches

The Romney campaign may have millions of dollars more than the Obama campaign, but they don’t have the incredible ground game that we do.

For months we have been calling voters across the nation to identify Obama and Romney supporters, and to persuade voters to vote for Obama. These long hard months of calling, and canvassing are all to prepare for Get Out the Vote (GOTV).

GOTV is an elaborate process that includes canvassing and calling, but also includes driving people to the polls and other activities. This is the most grueling process, and requires a lot of volunteers. To give some perspective, the neighborhood of Chestnut Hill has its own team. In order to make their goal of how many doors they have to knock and calls they have to make, they have to have 100 people work one four-hour shift on Election Day. This process takes a lot of effort, but especially for Democrats, it could be the difference between winning and losing.

The Obama campaign has invested a lot in its ground game. The campaign, along with the Democratic National Committee, have created a database called Votebuilder. Votebuilder is really what will win this election for us. After months of calling voters, we now have the data to know who across the country supports Obama and who doesn’t. Now we know who to talk to on Election Day.

In Northwest Philadelphia at the Mount Airy and Chestnut Hill offices we have been preparing for the three days leading up to Election Day, and Election Day itself. We have already started on knocking on doors, and calling people to get them out to vote. We know from behavioral science that this process works, and we will give it all we have until November 6th.