“On fleek”

Fleek is Black vernacular referring to being “on point” often to describe a specific body part that took time to reach a specific level of perfection such as:

  • Eyebrows on Fleek
  • Edges on Fleek
  • Nails on Fleek

However, the term on fleek can be used in numerous situations besides describe the anti-ratchetivtiy one has achieved physically. On fleek is associated with positive things. For instance if you had a great class with Larry you could refer to it as:

“Larry’s Stat class was on fleek”

Or if you had a specific food that tastes great that otherwise never would, you would say:

“Those pancakes were on fleek”

“Miss Monica’s Ice Tea Lemonade was on fleek”

Most important thing to remember is fleek is ALWAYS on something. You cannot drop the “on” in the sentence otherwise it is not (no pun intended) on fleek.


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