Seniors embrace off-campus privileges, Hargroves smells like a taquería

After long hours of library visiting and SAT studying, seniors are beginning to stretch their legs and, like the seniors before them, experience off campus privileges. These privileges are a well-earned reward for many who have kept their grades up and whose parents are willing to sign the release.

Jeremy Wright ’13 went off campus twice in the first week of receiving off-campus privileges. Like many seniors before him, Jeremy headed to the two lunch hotspots for GFS seniors: Joamart and Chipotle.

“Chipotle is definitely a GFS thing,” Jeremy said. “I think we’re continuing a long established tradition of seniors going to Chipotle. It’s kind of in-the-culture. I spend about $20 there every week.”

Others, however, are satisfied with remaining on campus, even with the privileges available to them. David Sneed ’13 has not headed off campus yet, citing his lack of car and wish to save money.

“I don’t feel like spending the money when I can bring a lunch from home,” David said.

He plans to use his privileges later on to go home and similarly wants go out to lunch with friends once in a while.

Andrew Becker ’13 said he didn’t think time management was an issue for him while enjoying his off-campus privileges.

“I think I’ll be able to manage my time all right,” Andrew said. “I really only go off campus during Wednesday lunch and the free after that so I have plenty of other frees to do homework or anything else I need to get done.”

David  felt similarly. “I’m sure I’ll manage my time fine because even now I don’t really use my frees for work. I do work in frees sometimes, but going off campus once or twice a week won’t hurt at all,” he said.

“I think Elissa and I have the same idea of how to spend my time with privileges,” Jeremy said. “She is cool and I think she wants seniors to have more freedom and fun in their last year. We kind of deserve it.”

Raquel Thalheimer ’13 represents another viewpoint within the senior student body.

“I haven’t used my senior privileges yet because I still have a lot of work to do and it’s not an efficient use of my time,” Raquel said. “I will definitely take advantage of them further on in the year when school work and college applications aren’t as stressful. I think for some kids having senior privileges so early can be detrimental to their school work.”

The freedom to explore different lunch options and to end the day early is a senior rite of passage, and a welcome reminder that a less stressful second semester is just around the corner.