“Shabby chic” is so yesterday

Meg Goldner Rabinowitz is always dressed to impress, or as she puts it she is taking a “fake it ’til you make it approach.” Meg said that she is always impressed by the women who dress up for school.

“I realized I could do that, if I just put some energy into it,” said Meg.

Meg was inspired to spruce up her look when she began teaching a Global Online Academy class, which requires that she film herself teaching and Skype with her students around the world. Professionally straightened hair and a new “dressing-up style” boosted her confidence.

Meg likes to keep her clothes simple but accessorize with jewelry and other items—scarves are a favorite.

“The scarf makes the outfit,” said Meg.

Meg also works at the University of Pennsylvania’s graduate school, where she says the style of the teachers is much more professional and not as “shabby chic” as the GFS teacher standard. Meg stays that dressing up always improves her mood and brings excitement to her mornings.

“It is like every day of school is an event to dress up for,” said Meg.