The Winner Takes The Cake

Thanksgiving, or turkey day as some may call it. Either way, everyone immediately thinks of the big turkey sitting in the middle of the table surrounded by so many other side dishes. But my family, rather, values the next portion of the day. Dessert. We adore dessert. Cakes, pies, cookies. You either grab it or there’s nothing left—It’s every person for themselves. A couple years ago, my cousins snuck into the kitchen and started eating the cake in secret. Another time, they “didn’t have time” to cut the cake so they started grabbing it with their hands. Now, we’ve started pre-slicing the cakes, making it easier to grab and go. If you leave an uneaten slice of cake, it will undoubtedly be stolen. This year, my uncle was packing up some food to take home and left a slice of cake on the table. He went to get a drink, came back, and it was gone. We weren’t surprised because everyone was in a hurry to get home for shopping the next day. Even though we squabble over dessert, it means that we’re all together. That’s all that matters.