A junior finds the school of her dreams

As we walked down 4th street in New York, I felt a sense of unending opportunities.

Every person that walked by me spoke in another language, completely immersed in the conversation they were having, whether on the phone or in person. We took a seat in the Admissions building of New York University (NYU), and went through the booklet with stories of amazing people who graduated from this university. A woman spoke for 20 minutes, introducing us to campus life, and showed us an inspiring film about life at NYU, and the courses available there. “What would you like to major in?” she asked us. The possibilities were endless! They have their own school for Independent Studies, in which you could take any course you want, or make up a major. She told us a story about a man who went into school one day and decided that he wanted to major in “evil”, so they allowed him to take history courses, some science courses, and by the end of his 4 years at NYU, he decided to become a lawyer. In the city of New York, there are endless possibilities for a person like me. You never get bored, you never run out of options. There is always something that you can do, and everything that you could ever imagine is right at your fingertips. With the best fashion, art, music, and location at the center of financial interests, where else would you want to go?