Annual Germantown Community Tournament is a Slam Dunk!

On the weekend of December 6, the Scattergood gym was packed. Fans crammed into the bleachers to watch the GFS Tigers play their way to a Germantown Community Basketball Tournament victory. 

“The tournament was fun and it was great to have so many people out to watch the games,” says captain Nolan Grady ‘20. “The best part of the tournament is playing in front of a crowd. Normally only parents and a few students are able to come and support the basketball teams, but at the tournament, the gym is packed.”

The community tournament may lack the pressure of a Friends League duel, but it surely compensates with exciting play. 

“All the games were very competitive and entertaining and everyone watching was really into [them],” says Neil Bennett ‘22. “It was really a great atmosphere overall.”

GFS Tigers aren’t the only ones who come to watch the madness. The tournament brings together local teams that wouldn’t otherwise play each other, such as Bodine High School, Simon Gratz High School, and Parkway Northwest High School. 

“It was very surprising and cool to see the student turnout from other schools,” says Bennett. 

The influx of fans is what sets this competition apart from so many others. The Germantown Community Tournament provides a great environment for athletes and fans alike, and is the perfect escape from these bleak, winter months.

**Picture Credit: Scott Foley**

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