Ben Steinlauf: Chip Kelly and the Eagles look to build

Andy Reid walked off his home territory after 14 years as Head Coach of the Eagles longing for another era. In the early 2000s, the Eagles ruled the NFC East, but Reid’s final home battle was lost to the Redskins, 27-20. Nine months later, Chip Kelly put on the headset as Head Coach of the Eagles for the start of the season at FedEx Field, home of the Redskins.

In the offseason, uncertainty of Kelly’s coaching ability bounced from televisions to radios to blogs and chat rooms. His electrifying collegiate offensive strategies had yet to be tested in the NFL. After a long wait since the announcement of Kelly’s head coach position, his knowledge was finally put to the test, against the very team that took down Andy Reid in his final home game.

Chip’s offense got off to a dazzling start as they pummeled the Redskins through the first half, running 53 plays while picking up over 300 yards and 21 first downs. Redskins quarterback Robert Griffin III couldn’t find a rhythm until the fourth quarter, and by then the Eagles had built too much of a lead for the Skins to stand a chance. Kelly walked off the field triumphant in his first professional game, and in a way, he had won for Andy Reid, redeeming the team’s final loss in the previous season.

The Eagles continued their run of good form, but unfortunately lost to San Diego due to a field goal in the dying moments of the game, the following week. Next came one of the most nostalgic moments for Andy Reid, when he entered Lincoln Financial Field the next Thursday as head coach of the Kansas City Chiefs. Philadelphia’s good form disappeared against their old head coach, as Michael Vick threw interception after interception, in a disappointing loss to his old leader. After beginning the season with a lot to work on and a lot to prove, the 4-5 Birds now look towards their game against the Green Bay Packers on November 10th.