British Exchange Part 2: Four girls will travel to Winchester in January

During the month of January 2015, four girls in the senior class will be going to Winchester College, an all boys boarding school in Winchester, England. Gloria Sullivan, Olenka Jain, Doris Ottman and Eliana Chalphin will be the second group of students to go to Winchester.

As Olenka Jain ‘15 put it, the exchange provides an opportunity to  “experience a school culture that is quite different from ours at GFS.”  Not only will they be travelling to a different country, but they will be taking different classes from the ones they are used to at GFS. Before they left, they took instructions from experts in the travelling industry. You can check out their Homepage here.

“I’ll be taking English, History, and some art classes,” said Gloria Sullivan ’15, “I’ve heard they have a great art program at Winchester. I’m really excited!” Sullivan is also excited to meet new people and make friends. Along with the different classes and culture, the girls will be in a completely new atmosphere of a medieval school. “I applied because this is probably my only chance to attend a boys boarding school in England,” said Olenka Jain ‘15. Doris Ottman wanted to do the exchange, because she “had never been on a school exchange or studied abroad and I wanted to grab that opportunity while it presented itself.”

The girls are excited and optimistic about the exchange this January.

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