Week 31: Farmer Protests in India

March 4, 2021

On August 9, 2020, one of the largest protests in world history began in New Delhi, India. Tens of thousands of farmers took the streets, forming blockades to five major highways leading into the capital and setting up camps outside the city limits to protest new agricultural regulations. To show their solidarity, over 250 million Indian citizens participated in a 24-hour strike.

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Week 30: The Texas Power Grid

February 24, 2021

This past week, national attention has shifted to the state of Texas, which has been suffering from a deadly mismanagement of winter storms. The crisis began on February 10th and has continued throughout the month. While the extremely cold temperatures experienced this month are uncommon in Texas, what has been more shocking is the dismal government response and the underlying concerns that have allowed the situation to escalate.

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Week 29: Stacey Abrams

February 9, 2021

Stacey Abrams has been at the forefront of public attention and praise for her work during the 2020 campaign to combat voter suppression, and many argue that her grassroots organizing in Georgia secured Biden’s presidency and the Democratic control of the Senate. However, Abrams’ work extends far beyond this election; she is also a small business owner, celebrated author (even writing romance novels under the pen name Selena Montgomery), and fighter of voter suppression and systemic inequality in Georgia for decades.

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Week 28: The Filibuster

February 2, 2021

In the wake of the election, there has been intense debate around whether or not to do away with the filibuster in the Senate. The filibuster is when a minority (41%) of senators block the vote on legislation.

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Week 27: Biden’s Executive Order for LGBTQ+ Protection

January 24, 2021

Biden started his presidency purposefully, with 17 executive orders signed on the first day. During the long campaign for presidency, Biden made many promises for change to which we must now hold him accountable. Among those 17 executive orders was an order that “Prevent[s] and Combat[s] Discrimination on the Basis of Gender Identity or Sexual Orientation.” We will discuss Biden’s history concerning the LGBTQ+ community, the promises he made during his campaign, and what this executive order means for the United States.

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Week 26: Moving Forward: How to Address Homelessness in Philly

January 19, 2021

Over the past two weeks we’ve written about the structures of homelessness in Philadelphia — what they are, who they affect, and what government policies and social pressures have brought us to this point. Today, we look at the ways in which we can address the homelessness epidemic, looking at prevention, rehousing, and rehabilitation.

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