Answers: GFS Crossword Puzzle

September 1, 2022

Here are the answers to the crossword puzzle found on the last page of the Spring/Summer Earthquake Issue:

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The Social Spotlight: Instagram S1 EP2

April 23, 2022

Welcome to an Earthquake podcast: The Social Spotlight. Join GFS sophomores Sasha and Chelsea to talk about trending topics around GFS, in the news, and in the world. In this episode: Sasha and Chelsea discuss Instagram. TW: sensitive topics surrounding mental health. 

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Peace Day Programming at GFS; An Attempted Quaker Solution to the War in Ukraine

March 22, 2022

In light of the armed conflict that has recently emerged between Ukraine and Russia, GFS hosted ‘Peace Day with George Lakey’ to provide an opportunity to reflect on the meaning and application of the Quaker Peace Testimony during times of conflict. Normal classes were put on pause for the morning, and instead, students engaged in […]

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Junior Project Reflections: A Life of Restlessness

February 27, 2022

Editor’s note: The following article is part of our series ‘Junior Project Reflections’. We invited members of the Junior Class to share their reflections on their Junior Projects – a month-long internship that takes place during January of a student’s junior year at GFS. For his project, author William Lines ’23 underwent an independent project […]

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Review: Every Brilliant Thing

December 13, 2021

“I think we really do operate as a team of collaborators and creative people,” says Jake Miller, director of Germantown Friends School’s fall play and the head of the school’s theater department. “We are educators and we are artists, and we definitely approach our work as both educators and artists.” GFS’s fall play, Every Brilliant […]

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