Coffeehouse grooves and brews

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Another season of successful Coffeehouses began on Thursday, November 1 at 7:30 (read: 8) in Hargroves.

Coffeehouse leaders Issie Ivins, Mack Finkel, Ben Thomas, all ’14, and Rebecca Blaich ’13 organized a great show. Hosted by the up-and-coming comedy duo of Madhav and Pranav Nandan,’13 and ’15 respectively, performances ranged from rousing Irish folk songs to stand-up comedy. The class of 2014 especially demonstrated its musicality; 11 of 17 acts came at least partly from the junior class.

GFS A Cappella had its third performance of the year at Coffeehouse and was a crowd favorite.

The evening was marked by several underclassmen performances, including an original song by Nyree Jauhar ’15 and a cover performed by Sarah Freedman and Meredith Cooney, both ’16.

The Nandan brothers cracked jokes between acts, avoiding the racier jargon that almost put Coffeehouse out of business last school year.

Coffeehouse, beyond being a venue for students to express their musical and comedic talents, raises money for the Upper School literary magazine Polyphony. Polyphony leader Dimitri Diagne ’14 said that the club raised over $500 that will but put towards the publication of Polyphony at the end of the school year.

One of the most memorable performances of the night was Griffin Brady’s rousing performance of “Finnegan’s Wake,” an Irish folk song. Griffin, ’13, helpfully defined a few Irish terms so that the audience could better appreciate his performance. Griffin’s father introduced him to Irish music when he was eight years old. “I thought [the genre of music] was fantastic,” he said, “and when Mack asked me if I would perform at Coffeehouse, I already had this song memorized so I thought I would perform it.”

Other noteworthy performances included the House Band’s (comprised of Mack, Pedro Ramos, Luke Haas and James Finney, all ’14) tight Red Hot Chili Peppers cover, especially in light of drummer Pedro’s broken elbow. Coffeehouse favorite Issie Ivins ’14 performed an original song.

The fabulous duo of Rebecca and Emma Newmann ’14, as well as the consistently comical Duncmacksta Flex (consisting of Mack and Duncan Gallagher ’14) both made appearances, wowing the crowd as usual with their Adele and Flight of the Conchords covers.

Mack said that “despite the fact that it was not only delayed but also after a hurricane, it was great to see so many members in each grade of the student body eager to perform.” Everyone is looking forward to what the next Coffeehouse will bring.