Coffeehouse returns to entertain again

On Thursday, November 7th some of GFS’s finest performers took the stage at the first coffeehouse of the school year. There were many first-time performers and standout acts.

Hannah Goldberg ’15 thought that “this coffeehouse had many more comedic acts, which made it much more enjoyable and entertaining.”

Jacob Smith ’14 agreed with Hannah, saying “Nigel Law did stand-up, and he was pretty hilarious.”

Some other acts included a stellar performance by GFS A Cappella, who continue to wow the crowd, the sophomore duo of Asher Smith and Noah Shipley, who performed ‘Turn it Off’ from The Book of Mormon, and a stripped-down version of Miley Cyrus’ hit new song “We Can’t Stop” by Maddie Addis ’14 and Julia Mankoff ’15 , featuring Mack Finkel ’14.

Julia has performed only once before at Coffeehouse, and when asked about her preparations she said, “Maddie and I practiced a few times but we knew we didn’t have to be perfect because coffeehouse is super casual.”

This coffeehouse was emceed by Jeremy Middleman ’14, who also had a performance of his own in which he showed off his dancing abilities. Coffeehouse veteran Matt O’Connor ’15 performed an excellent vocal and ukulele number. Many impressive freshman performances showed the Upper School some of the talents that the class of 2017 has to offer, including a freshman band.

Coffeehouse not only supplies an outlet for students to share their musical and comedic talents, but also benefits the Upper School’s literary club, Polyphony. Ticket and food sales at Coffeehouse directly fund its annual end of year publication. GFS students are looking forward to what new talents the next coffeehouse will bring.