Edgy glamour reigns at first fashion show

The models display the designers’ hip designs. Photo courtesy of Camilla Barcan

On a Friday night in early April, parents, friends and teachers gathered in the Yarnall Auditorium to watch the first ever Fashionistas Fashion Show, dubbed “Metamorphoses.”  The event showcased five designers: Camilla Barcan ’14, Joanna Booth ’15, Tessa Curry ;16 and Schuyler Tullis ’16, and the club’s co-founder, Jane Kye ’15.  The designers had between two and four models each to work with. Many of the pieces were bought and then altered, but there were a few handmade pieces.

Co-founder Madison Ramsey first came out and welcomed everyone to the fashion show. A five-minute video was projected, which introduced the designers and the inspirations for their designs. Lauren Shinn ’13, Vivian Nhan ’13 and I conducted the interviews and edited the video.

A last finishing touch before the show. Photo courtesy of Camilla Barcan

The designs in the show were great and well made. The makeup on the models was fun and edgy and worked well with their outfits. A nice choice of music was played, and energized the crowd and the models backstage, courtesy of Madison, Jane and Ben Thomas ’14, who also ran the lighting in the box. The entire show was videotaped, and a camera backstage filmed the models’ preparation and entrances. The fashion show was an overall success for its inaugural year, and the club hopes to make this an annual tradition.