GFS Compliments spreads the love

The GFS Compliments page is abound with warm and fuzzy feelings.
The GFS Compliments page is abound with warm and fuzzy feelings. Credit: Flickr user Caro Wallis

Have you ever really needed something or someone to brighten up your day? Or maybe you wanted to make another person feel good about themselves? Enter GFS Compliments on Facebook.

The concept is relatively simple, which makes it easy for students to submit a compliment. People can message the page about someone and then whoever is behind the account will tag the person being complimented in a kind and friendly post. Not only will someone feel good about themselves, but other GFS students can see the posts.

“I was really surprised when the GFS Compliments page complimented me, it really brightened up my day,” said Charlie Dolgenos ’16, who was complimented on his basketball skills.

Many other schools have compliment pages as well. The new trend has been showing up for schools all across the country. Other local schools, including Germantown Academy and Penn Charter have compliment pages as well. Compliment pages are appealing because they make it easy to say something positive about someone publicly, but anonymously.

The page owner is completely anonymous, so it is a mystery about who the person is behind the spreading of these kind messages. It is an account that was created in early February, which means the account needs to be added as a friend. Since then, there have been a few compliments each day, most either a line or two long. Many people can see the posts and some posts have even initiated conversations.

The question of the owner of the page is an intriguing mystery, but for most GFS students, what is more important is the compliments themselves. These compliments are about caring and kindness, and the page demonstrates the nurturing aspect of the GFS environment.

As the GFS Compliments page says itself, “You never know how far a little kindness might go.”