GFS welcomes new Head of Orchestra, Mario Flores

Photo Credit: Schuyler Alig ’15 | Staff Photographer

Charismatic new music teacher, Mario Flores, arrived with the start of the new school year. A man who completed two years of premed at Brown University, may not exactly be the type of person you would expect to be classical music lover. But in fact, Mario Flores (our new Head of the Middle and Upper School orchestra) is. When Flores found a job that would combine the two major passions in his life, music and teaching, he was eager to accept the position.

Originally from Los Angeles, California, Flores was first exposed to the power of music when he started to play the flute. “I played the flute to get out of PE,” Flores said. “I was a chubby Latino kid that did not enjoy sports. This was when my passion for music started.”

Flores’ French teacher would play classical music in class and show Flores musical scores outside of class. Throughout high school, Flores developed a passion for music, but he pushed his passion aside when he started his undergraduate degree.

However, in his junior year of college, Flores’ musical spirit returned.  Flores, who hated classes like chemistry and physics, decided to study music. He went on to study at Columbia University for his graduate degree. Since his graduation, Flores has worked tirelessly to teach and develop music programs at schools in California, New Jersey, and New Hampshire.

Flores currently resides in Center City, and takes a 20-minute train/bus ride each day to get to GFS each day.  Flores, who calls himself a city kid at heart, loves the fact that GFS is immersed in the city, and also praises GFS for its diversity and students.

“GFS is full of bright kids who are nicer than students at any other school I have been. They are almost scary nice,” he said. This year Flores is excited to teach orchestra and show students what music has done for him in his life.

“ I think music has kept me human. I do not know where I would be without it. I truly feel blessed to have this job teaching the thing that I love.”