Intersession will allow students to elect classes next January

Dana Weeks’ fresh perspective on the school can first be seen through an exciting new idea that will be put into action in the coming year. A faculty committee revealed the strong and thrilling possibility for an intersession during the ’14-’15 year.

This intersession would take place during January when the juniors are already off on their junior projects. “This was not my idea; this idea walked into my office but it completely lines up with my way of thinking,” Weeks said.

Intersession would be a period of four weeks when students, in ninth, tenth and twelth grades have the freedom of electing classes that interest them. While the classes have yet to be decided, potential options include: Baseball in American Society, Anatomy and Physiology, Set Design, Philadelphia Politics, Social Justice Journalism, Chemistry of Cooking (taught by Weeks) and an art studio life class.

Students in language levels 1, 2 and 3 will most likely continue to meet with their teachers four times a week.

For worried parents, Weeks said, “These classes would appear as any other class on your transcript.” They would be pass/fail, mixed grade and, according to Weeks, a unique way to let students immerse themselves in classes that spark their love of learning.

A committee was assembled that includes department heads and teachers to decide the classes and requirements. English Department Head and teacher Chris Singler said, “intersession is a great way for teachers and students to get out of routine and share interests.”

The classes are being proposed based on teacher interest, but according to the committee, “students will elect and rank their courses of study that are created by teachers based on their interest and expertise.”

Ideas of what the month will entail are being considered by the committee.

“Independent exploration for students will be encouraged,” Singler said. “Hopefully an independent reading will also be included in the month, along with a community service aspect.”

Students who have heard about the intersession have expressed their excitement.  Although students don’t have a clear picture of the intersession idea, many have expressed enthusiasm about the change.

The Department Heads have stated that the mission of the intersession is to “provide students with in-depth, intensive, and creative educational experiences while changing the pace and enabling them to recharge.”