iPhone 5 could use some tweaking

Owen Cheung ’16

The new iPhone 5 was released last month and many people are probably wondering, is it any good?

With much excitement and anticipation, Apple announced the new iPhone 5 at an event early in September. The phone has many changes from its predecessors, in both design and software and it introduces some new features. These include a taller screen, a lighter weight, LTE, and an overall faster performance.

But is it actually as good as Apple made it seem?

In comparison to some phones, yes. Ella Komita-Moussa ‘16 upgraded from a more generic cellphone and she is very happy with her decision to get the new phone. “It’s a lot faster,” said Ella. The iPhone has a new A6 chip that brings much faster speeds, even when compared to the iPhone 4s. In addition, the design overall is “cool and sleek”. The weight of the iPhone 5 is noticeably lighter than the older iPhones. The weight can be both good and bad, but generally most want a lighter phone rather than a heavier one. The phone’s taller screen allows for more information and app space, which is a nice touch. And the LTE connection, which isn’t new to cellphones overall, is new to the iPhone, which makes it a very exciting upgrade.

And while there are some good qualities of the new iPhone, there certainly are some bad ones. Possibly the most prominent, the battery life. Compared to many phones, the iPhone does not last as long. Even when comparing to the earlier versions of the iPhone, the 5 just doesn’t have the same battery life. Most likely due to the LTE and the increased screen size, it definitely is noticeable and it definitely is annoying. A lesser issue, the phone “feels more fragile”. Even though Apple has improved its durability, the iPhone is still quite prone to the occasional chip, scratch, and even cracks to the screens and the frames on the side. There also is a new connector slot, which makes plugging in the phone easier. However, the new iPhone is no longer compatible with many speakers and stands.

So is the iPhone everything it was expected to be? The answer would be mostly. It certainly came with many new features that definitely benefited the phone and it also came with the expectable downfalls. And if you’re looking to upgrade, it all depends on what kind of phone you have now and what kind of phone you need. If you need to get a new phone, the iPhone is a good choice. But if you’re happy with your current cellphone, the iPhone 5 might not be worth all you are paying for it.