JP Chronicles: Dispatch from WXPN

Issie Ivins rubbed elbows with the talented and famous — or at least with their signatures — while working at WXPN. Photo courtesy of Issie Ivins
















Working at WXPN, I am getting a first-hand look behind the curtains into the radio business. My view of the station’s live shows and recordings has changed greatly since beginning my project: far more work is required to produce a seamless show than the listener is privy to. Though it is rare that I experience any glamour or glitz on the job (I haven’t been on the air – yet!), my day is not without some excitement. I check in crowds each Friday for WXPN’s Free at Noon concert series and always stay to watch the band. When not at the station, I work on recording my own music at home: maybe one day I’ll hear those same songs on the radio!

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