Photo Credit: Maddy Dumont

Two months ago, I never would have imagined spending all day around the house. Although this is a chance to relax and spend time with family, it can be difficult for me to find enjoyment in staying home every day.

All my life, I’ve been told by my friends, “you’re so lucky to have no siblings” and “I wish I was an only child like you.” Although I understand where they are coming from, I truly believe that being an only child is over-glorified. Yes, sibling-less children get all the attention from their parents and might even be spoiled by them, but conversely, as the only child in the family, they lack the companionship of a sibling and are by themselves most of the time. 

Neil Bennett ‘22, a fellow only child, says, “people complain how much siblings are annoying, but I’d rather have someone to be annoyed at than have no one at all.” I live with just my mother and I have to admit that it can get pretty boring around the house, especially when she is working from home and I am learning online. When I’m not in class or spending time with my mother, I’m usually just hanging out by myself, occasionally calling my friends, working out, or watching reruns of old basketball games.

 I’m trying to keep busy, but I do feel a bit lonely sometimes, especially since we cannot go out and see our friends, and I don’t have anyone around my age that I can talk to on a daily basis. 

However, not everything is negative. With the tremendous amount of time that I have, I can pursue new interests and passions. I’ve started playing my guitar again, something that I always loved but didn’t have much time to do. I also have a lot of time to think, especially about the merit of family and friends.

In the end, however, I cannot complain. There are many people who have it much worse than me during this time, and I am grateful for what I have. My message is to cherish your friends and family — and your siblings, even if you might despise them sometimes — and to be appreciative because they are all that we have right now.