Meet the GFS bus drivers

Ronald Epps

Ron Epps arrived at GFS in 2001. Before working at GFS, Epps was a cleaner, a mover for his father’s company, a dishwasher, and he has worked in the cafeteria as a cook. Dick Wade loved Ron’s chilli and when Epps found this out, “It really touched my heart and after I learned that I knew I was a part of GFS.”

Ron enjoys cooking for others. He also enjoys going on cruises when he can. He loves spending time with his family and friends and enjoys vacationing with them to Disney World in Florida. Epps’ favorite thing though “is seeing others happy.

His favorite part about working in the transportation department is helping out others, especially the kids. Epps’ dreams include owning real estate and owning his own food truck.

Epps sometimes feels that people “sometimes forget that we, the drivers, play a big part in the school: getting the kids to and from school safe; to games; and to field trips.” So he asks that “if you see a driver, thank them for what they do. Especially during the holidays because “when school is closed it’s good to get two weeks off, but the drivers don’t get paid those days,” said Epps.

Samuel Suber

Samuel Suber is a new member of GFS community; he started driving GFS school buses this September. Before coming to GFS, he worked with a school bus company, where he had a sub-contract with GFS, for nearly eight years.

Samuel uses the adjective “fantastic” to describe the GFS community. “I like to interact with the staff and children,” he said, “I like to be part of it, that I can help in the process of someone becoming successful.” That is why he feels really good about what he does.

On weekdays, Samuel always wakes up at 4:30, then he exercises and has a healthy breakfast. Before going to work, he enters a “meditational akademos” to get himself ready for the day. “I’m really health cautious,” Suber said.

Samuel has a flexible work schedule and his tasks vary each day. His work starts around 9, and he often drives three hours in the morning; he drives about three more hours in the afternoon, and his work ends around 5. Then he returns home and has a few hours of family time with his wife and four children.

Apart from his job, Samuel is a musician. He plays electric piano, and he is also a singer, songwriter, and DJ. He has a recording studio. “I have a lot of different hobbies,” he said.

Samuel said that the best moments of the year are during summer break and the holiday season. When the school year ends, Samuel and his colleagues would have a “bus party”; they would go out for water rides and have pretzels and pizzas. He loves the holidays because everyone is so cheerful at that time of the year, and he feels really good about being part of the convivial gatherings.

When asked about his plans for the weekend, Samuel said that he would just relax, set up a Christmas tree, and begin preparing for the “magical day”.