New role, new perspective: Goldman appointed Associate Head of School

Photo Credit: David Barr ’16

Last spring, Rita Goldman, was appointed to a new role: Associate Head of School. In her new capacity, Goldman works very closely with Head of School, Dana Weeks, and also oversees the division heads of the Lower, Middle and Upper Schools. She spends most of her time in meetings with a variety of people, ranging from the school’s Chief Financial Officer, to the Director of Studies, to the International Students Director. Since this is a new position not only to Goldman, but also to the school, she did face some challenges starting the job.

“There’s a bit of a learning curve, which I find exciting because I’ve been at the school for a long time in a variety of positions so this is a new energy,” she said about her new role. She finds that there is much more of a financial aspect to her new position because she is working closely with the CFO to build a new budgeting system. Goldman has also found that she must reacquaint herself with the curriculums of the Lower and Middle Schools, as she has been devoted to the Upper School for so many years. Her new role also has a different feeling when it comes to the depth and breadth of her work because it now incorporates issues relating to grades K-12.

While she misses having close interactions with teachers and students, she enjoys the new perspective her role provides.  Goldman finds herself in what may be her final years at GFS. When asked about no longer having a specific seat at Meeting for Worship, she responded, “I have to try to make myself go down and sit in the pews because I used to sit right there! I actually do like sitting in the pews, but yes, my mind does get a little nostalgic.”