Prom on a Friday: Ingenious or Absurd?

Credit to Flickr user Pete Zarria
The time-honored tradition of prom has been moved to Friday evening of Memorial Day weekend this year, causing a stir of controversy in the Upper School. Usually prom is held on a Saturday evening earlier in the month of May, which gives girls and guys ample time to get ready. Another issue is the placement of the prom on Memorial Day weekend, which may hinder some families’ travel plans and might become an inconvenience. It seems like the two main issues are the placement of the prom on a Friday and whether or not everyone will have enough time to get ready.

        The main issue with having prom on Friday is having to get ready in a mere two or three hours versus five or six on a Saturday afternoon. Especially since the majority of the student body will be trying to attend the same four or five hair and nail salons in the area. Emma Clark ‘14 says, “it stinks because now all the girls are trying to leave school super early or even miss school to get ready.”

The switch to Friday does create a problem however, a recent decision was made to allow seniors and juniors to leave halfway through the day to begin preparations. This still leaves the sophomores who are attending prom that still have to stay for the full day. Some students do not even need the time however, like senior Eleanor Thompson, who says,  “since I’m doing my own hair and makeup the change doesn’t affect me. I got my hair done sophomore year and realized what a waste of money it was to have a bunch of bobby pins put in your hair for one night.”

Jim Barron, head of the prom committee said that the main problem was the fact that May is such a busy month, and it is hard to schedule prom around things like the 9th grade musical and the spring choir concert. In the end, there seemed to be no better place to put prom on the calendar other than a Friday. Barron recalls making up his Latin 3 syllabus last summer and planning out all of the readings for each day of each month this year. Barron said that once he got to May, he couldn’t find prom on the calendar until he got towards the end when he saw that it was on a Friday. Barron said, “I immediately called Rita in the middle of the summer to ask whether it was true that prom was going to be on a Friday, and she said that it was true.” Barron also said that there is a proposal being made to the 11th and 12th grade faculty to let the juniors and seniors leave school on that Friday after 5th period, and that if any student still decided to skip the whole day they will not be allowed to prom.

Overall it seems as though the faculty is aware of the controversy and hard feelings over prom, and that they are taking steps to handle it in the best way possible.