Review: “Coupled” gets it right

Producing the new online sitcom “Coupled,” would be a time-consuming endeavor even if it was your full-time job. Imagine how hard it is if you are a senior in high school. Matt O’Connor ’15 and Jamie Clauson-Wolf ’15, GFS class of 2015, have done just that with their new web sitcom, which is currently on their YouTube channel, Plainline Productions. They created a sitcom because they had “too many jokes that we couldn’t put into sketches,” said Matt. They also had plenty of uncomfortable stories to tell about high school.

Each episodes takes about three weeks to make. The episodes, written by Matt and other seniors, are often looked over by Assistant Director Liana Spiro. Filming taking place around GFS and at the houses of the cast and crew. Matt is the executive producer and editor of the series as well. Matt also stars in each episode, along with Jamie, Brad Sachs ’15, and Oliver Mitchell-Boyask ’15. “Coupled” follows Matt as a senior navigating high school, as well as longing for Jamie’s girlfriend, played by Marielle Issa. It’s a conventional setup, but “Coupled” is a witty and a joyously awkward addition to the genre.

Despite its short length (each episode runs about 11 minutes), the scenes aren’t rushed, opting instead for longer conversations which allow for the show to feel loose, unfurling in a very natural manner. The jokes are quippy but not overly “cool,” adding a level of earnestness where most shows go for ironic detachment. At the time of writing, the show is only two episodes in, and a few pieces still need to be developed.

Occasionally jokes fall flat, and some of the side characters are still being fleshed out. Still, the show has gotten so many things right already, it feels unnecessary to give it special treatment. So watch “Coupled,” because A) it’s pretty great to see people from GFS doing something that takes this level of commitment and effort, and B) it’s even better to see that it’s done so well.


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