Review: The New Classic? Not so much

Clara Wattenberger ’16 met Azalea this May during a public meet and greet at a Philadelphia record store.

First things first: she’s the realest. Australian rapper Iggy Azalea released four commercial singles in 2013 from her debut album, The New Classic, including “Work,” “Bounce,” “Change Your Life,” and “Fancy,” and it’s only been smooth sailing ever since.

The New Classic came out on April 21, 2014, and it debuted at #3 on the Billboard 200.  A reviewer from Digital Spy described lead single “Work” as such: “[it has] the swagger of Lana [Del Rey], the brattiness of Ke$ha, the sheer ballsiness of [Lady] Gaga.” This summation is accurate, though Iggy is definitely a force to be reckoned with alongside these pop icons and not just a collage of their parts.

Right off the bat, Iggy has rapping talent. This is evident from the second verse of “Work,” where she delivers multitudes of well-written lines in record time, barely stopping for breath. That said, The New Classic is clunky. Some songs don’t flow well together, and it’s clear that some were written with the intention of only being catchy money-makers, which is bound to happen on almost any album from a major label. It’s also prone to happening when every song has at least four writer’s credits (the album’s average is six).

The New Classic isn’t a good fit for 2014, and you know what? That’s okay. The original tentative release date was early 2012, and it probably would have done much better then. It would have killed in the pop music abyss of 2010 or 2011. Iggy has been trying to release this for over two years, so let’s just cut her some slack, walk a mile in her Louboutins, and look forward to her next EP or full-length.

And hey, it’s still infinitely better than literally anything by Pitbull.