School Shop 2.0: Browsers revitalized

When the long time Browsers and school shop manager, Merrill Brotman, retired last June, the school shut the doors of the shop. The walls of books were given away and shelves removed, and the shop has been closed ever since.

Plans are underway for a new school shop,  said Rita Goldman, Associate Head of school.  The new Browsers will provide a place for students “to read and relax.” The shop will sell/lend out books, specifically those written by GFS alumni as well as snacks, sandwiches and drinks. Mina Fader, CFO, said that the shop will “have extended hours and provide healthier eating options for students.” Extended hours will be especially beneficial during Essentially English, when students have night classes.

However, the new shop may be temporary.

“The school hired architects to advise us on how to make the best use of campus space, and these plans formed by our committee have not yet been approved,” said Goldman.

The unveiling of a new and improved Browser’s/GFS café should occur this January. The renovation will create more space for students to study and hang out in the hopes of fostering the sense of community at GFS.