Sophomore dresses with sass and class

“Classic yet eccentric” is how Neda McHugh ’15 describes the style of classmate and friend Ann Carpenter ’15.

Ann’s style is a mix of “J-Crew and Free People,” self-proclaimed “Classy Hobo with a bit of spunk”. Unlike many of us, Ann has enough energy in the mornings to assemble her fashion-forward outfits. She said, “I kind of just put things on in the morning”.

Despite her laid back style, Ann loves dressing up: “I love heels!” Loving to dress for fancy events and parties, Ann is very excited to possibly be able to plan a killer outfit for prom (hint- hint boys).

Ann’s favorite item of clothing is her pair of black Frye boots. They are her favorite because “they go with everything,” and she loves matching them with interesting socks.
Ann has a love for bold statement jewelry to “spice up an outfit”. A statement-piece of jewelry can make an outfit more interesting. Her favorite kinds of jewelry are necklaces and rings.

Ann’s favorite season to dress for is the fall or winter. “Summer is too hot to dress cute,” says Ann. Colder weather presents more of an opportunity to layer, making more interesting outfits. Ann’s “classy/spunky” style is eye-catching and trendy, proving that getting up early really does pay off.