Spoken Word Club helps students find their voices

Kenyat Greene ’14 has a passion for rapping. He decided that the school was in great need of a club where the students could come and share their love of the spoken word. Kenyat started the Spoken Word Club because he thinks “everyone should have fun and be able to express themselves through words.”

Kenyat and fellow leaders Uriah West ’13, and Matt Reed ’14, had a simple vision for the club: to bring students together who share a love of spoken word and performing. From the beginning the club was a hit.

Kenyat said, “The room was so full, people were crowded outside the door.”

Immediately upon entering the room it is evident that GFS is filled with talented rappers. These Wednesday lunches consist of enthusiastic rap battling, and lots of laughter.

Hannah Goldberg ’15, describing a meeting she attended, said, “It was very hype and high energy. It was interesting.”

The large turnouts gave the leaders a false hope. After the club moved from the Hargroves Center to the Loeb, the crowds disintegrated. Many of the students did not want to make the long trek to Loeb during lunch. This was discouraging for the three leaders, who hope that the future will bring back the original success of the club.

Nevertheless, Kenyat and fellow leaders have faith in the club.

“We plan to move back to the Hargroves Center,” Kenyat said. “Hopefully more people will share our love of spoken word.”

For future meetings, the leaders want to change the club’s reputation among students. They want Spoken Word Club to be known not just as the rap-battling club, but as a place where everyone feels comfortable to speak their mind.