The Hill gets chill

The latest food craze to sweep the nation has undoubtedly been frozen yogurt, otherwise known as froyo. A combination of quirky yogurt flavors and extensive types of toppings have made this frozen treat one of the most popular in the country. Stores have been popping up around the Philadelphia area with yogurt-inspired names like Sweet Endings, Top This, and Whirled Peace. And given its fast rising popularity, the first froyo shop to come to Chestnut Hill finally opened the weekend of November 17, after months of construction and zoning delays.

Chill on the Hill is a state-of-the-art froyo shop located at 5 East Highland Avenue, just off of Germantown Avenue. Similar to many froyo shops, Chill on the Hill charges 49¢/ounce of froyo and toppings, which allows customers to choose as many flavors and combinations as possible. The shop boasts many flavors, ranging from coffee to sea salt caramel pretzel. Because Chill on the Hill also has many flavors for those with dietary restrictions, each type of froyo is clearly marked with with labels that indicate which food products it contains. Options include dairy-free, gluten-free, vegan, and many more.

The froyo itself is quite good; my instant favorite flavors include cake batter, peanut butter, pumpkin, and a sorbet-based flavor called pomegranate raspberry tart. In addition, the toppings section of Chill on the Hill leaves nothing to be desired. There is a huge selection of candy, chocolate, cereal, fruit, and many other treats that go perfectly with the delicious flavors of frozen yogurt. An added bonus is that the bowls available are large and sturdy enough to support the weight of many froyo and topping combinations.

The general popularity of froyo, combined with Chill on the Hill’s attractive design and layout, has led to considerable success for the store. Throughout its opening weekend, business was constant and crowded, with several GFS students stopping in to taste the newest desert sensation. Lizzie Becker ’16, an avid frozen yogurt eater, said, “The froyo was really good, and the toppings were so awesome!”

This excitement was palpable among many other customers, as Chill on the Hill’s grand opening was delayed for several months due to zoning issues. This led to considerable success for the store, as many excited froyo fans had been waiting for months to try the new shop, but created unrealistic expectations for some customers. Isabel Ballester ’14 said, “The froyo was great, but I was expecting more because there was so much hype about it.”

Chill on the Hill is a great frozen yogurt shop, with many exciting flavors, but it is, in the end, similar to many other froyo shops in the Philadelphia area. But what has brought Chill on the Hill its success so far is its prime location. Isabel said, “It’s great to have it in Chesnut Hill — it’s so close!”