The Student-Athlete Life of Daniel Mateffy

Daniel Mateffy is a 16-year-old Right Hand Pitcher and third Baseman(only for school) studying in Germantown Friends School, Philadelphia, PA. Currently playing for school and the Philly Bandits, Mateffy has gotten a good amount of attention from college scouts all over the country. Though COVID did cause trouble for his student-athlete career, his pursuit of baseball never ended, continuingly playing competitively outside of school and attending showcases all over the United States, fighting for his foreseeable pro-baseball career.

What motivated you to pursue a career as a student-athlete?

Well, it started when my coach two or three years ago said, “I could see you playing in college at the next level, you’re a monster of an athlete” and that stuck with me because it really gave me motivation to just keep pushing instead of staying at the level I am now, or was.

Is there any special person/character that played an important role in your baseball career?

My coach is definitely one of them, but there are many more. Any of the coaches from the bandits, my mom, coach Randy and coach Mike from GFS, and basically any family member. And of course, all my friends.

Do you personally enjoy your current athletic life?

YES, of course! I enjoy having to work for competition instead of it coming easy, for example going to the weight room during the week and having late night practices. I would rather work for something than have it come naturally.

What’s your workout regime?

Weight room, at least four times a week. And then I practice two times during the week, with tournaments, games, or showcases over the weekend that keep me active and practice game-like situations. Mostly for preparation for both the Spring and Summer, obviously the fall doesn’t matter so much.

Are you satisfied with your current game?

No, I am not satisfied, not at all. Eighty-eight mph was my maximum at that one event, right now I’m sitting at 85-87 or 88, and I would like to be sitting 87-89 and hitting 90 occasionally with a few pitches. However, that is not the case.

How do you consider pressure playing a role in your student athlete=career?

There’s definitely pressure when it’s your turn to perform because at the level I’m playing at right now, it’s in front of a lot of college coaches. How you do in front of them can determine how you spend the next four years of your life in college, so you have to maximize every rep and every opportunity or else… you won’t… do good… So, there’s a lot of pressure both in the game and outside, staying in shape, keeping a good work ethic, and doing well in the classroom as well.

So do you consider it “poopy” if you are not doing your best on the field?

I wouldn’t consider it “poopy,” but I would consider it as it was not my best and there’s definitely something missing that I haven’t tapped into yet.

Do you have any dream schools in mind for your future baseball career?

My first dream schools were VT – Virginia Tech – and Clemson. But, once I recognized that most of their recruitment classes were done, I had to change it  cuz those are pretty big schools with top baseball programs. So, right now, I’m just looking around more within reason. Currently, the top choices are either UPenn or maybe University of Delaware, and Elon? That’s a good list, if you want to add more I can, JMU…uhhh, what else….JMU….

Do you have a general sense of your ranking or how you play compared to the other class of 2023 recruitments?

I mean this in the most modest way possible, but in the summer, I was the best pitcher on my team and we played a bunch of teams in older age groups, and I DESTROYED them. I’ll be going to Florida in a few weeks for Best in the US [Showcases], which is just a name, but it’s like the top performances from each event. I was at the one in Virgina and got invited again. I was not satisfied with my performance in the Virginia showcase so I am really grateful to be reinvited. Also, I feel more prepared now because I got some time to rest, compared to the Virginia one that was at the end of the summer season. 

Do you have a favorite baseball team?

It hurts to say this, but the Phillies. They never fail to disappoint. They always make it close and then just lose it 🙁

Is there any specific food that you enjoy?

Hmmm… I have three. One, Pop-Tarts, the oreo or s’more flavor. Two, Trailmax. Or I make this really good peanut butter protein shake 🙂

Fun Fact

I just recently got customized gloves that stood out to the UPenn coach. He was like, “I saw you have a different glove this time, is it new? It looks very nice and stylish.”

Do you see yourself in the MLB in the future?

It is not out of the picture. I hope so. But, I just have to keep working. It’s gonna be fun.