Weeks’ first year in retrospect

After an exciting and hectic first year, new Head of School Dana Weeks is recharging the school.

The end of Dana Weeks’ first year is rapidly approaching and students, faculty members, and even Weeks herself have expressed hopeful remarks for her future at GFS. After living in Brooklyn for over 20 years, Weeks has returned to her birth city and has proved herself to be an energizing force.

Weeks has been settling into her Fairmount home with her family. Weeks said, “I love waking up and going on a run by the river[…] It is a new perspective of the city.” Though Weeks has been extraordinarily busy in her first year at GFS, she is ready for the summer to “have time to reflect on [the] first year.” Weeks has also made large strides in getting to know every student and faculty member. Though there are many kids at the school, Weeks said “I am now able to recognize kids on the street who go to GFS and I get so excited!”

Sentiments of approval have been heard throughout the school. Both teachers and students alike seem to be animated about the fresh perspective and voice that Weeks brings to the school.

Liana Spiro ’15 said, “I think that she is moving GFS in the right direction” showing the optimism that is often said about Weeks’ future at GFS. Many students comment about her excitement in the halls. It is clear to all students that she is a respected member of our community, and that Weeks has already brought new and fun potential additions to the small GFS world.

Classics teacher, Lucy Bell Jarka Sellers explained her enthusiasm saying, “she has clearly thought seriously about education. I think that she is committed to open and honest discussion about how to do things better.”

This coincides with Weeks’ open door policy, asking members of the school community to always feel comfortable expressing their opinions to her.