You can ‘gram that

Cell phone pictures have never looked better thanks to Instagram, an app that makes it easy to take, edit and share photos with friends.

In recent years, social networking has drastically changed the way people interact. Websites such as Facebook and Twitter are insanely popular and people use these networks all the time. They let people share words and media with just a few clicks. And now, sharing pictures is very popular among most networks.

Instagram is a social network and program primarily available for smartphones. It allows people to take photos, add effects, and instantly share it with their followers. It is also possible to follow other people and view what they share.

What makes Instagram so popular is the ability to make any normal photo look exciting with different effects that can be applied to any photo taken. These include effects that make photos look old, vibrant, tinted, and much more. This is a huge plus for the application because it makes photos look appealing. An important factor in Instagram’s success is that it is easy to use. The design is clean and the functions are fairly straight forward. It is easy to find friends and view content. In addition, one can also “like” and comment on photos; hash tags are commonly used to tag images. The app also has privacy options, a huge plus for any social network.

As a network, there are not really any downfalls. Because it is released as a mobile application for iOS and Android devices, it is not possible to use it on a computer without using a separate web client. But other than that, Instagram is a very successful way to quickly make impressive looking photos and sharing it with one’s friends. Overall, Instagram is a remarkable way to interact with anyone with appealing images. And because of the popularity of the app, there is an endless stream of content to view, both locally and globally. The use of stylized images makes it easy to quickly tell a story or share a thought. And remember, a picture is worth a thousand words.